Understand the cyber security risks your business faces with Strata Security

Strata provide solutions and services to help customers understand and secure their business and infrastructure, whether based in the cloud or on-premise.

What we do

Strata deliver solutions to help customers understand the cyber security risks faced by their business and secure it, whether based in the cloud or on-premise.  Our team architect and implement a range of security technologies and processes to help customers identify and manage their cyber security risks while demonstrating governance and compliance.

Screens showing how Strata Security Solutions' cyber security solutions look on each device

Our Vision

Strata was founded to help cyber security and risk teams manage their security processes, controls and tools more effectively, across both cloud and on-premise environments.

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Consistently managing cyber security across environments and with multiple tools requires a holistic, joined-up approach focused on value. Strata offers the technology and processes that enable this to be achieved as simply as possible, using data available from existing systems wherever possible.

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As cyber security is increasingly important to senior management, stakeholders require visibility of cyber security posture and operational performance. Strata’s enables stakeholders to understand their posture, risks and performance across their estate and suppliers to make informed decisions.

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Most organisations now consume cloud services alongside traditional on-premise applications, adding to the workload of busy security and risk teams. Strata offers the technology and experience to simplify implementation and management of complex environment security.

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Cyber security is increasingly affecting organisations of all sizes, and more are looking to implement cyber and information security best practices than ever before. Strata can bring best of breed process, technology and experience to organisations that previously may not have had the requirement or scope to implement best practices.

Cloud Services

Drawing on our experience and industry good practice, we advise customers on how to securely adopt cloud platforms and solutions whilst maximising the benefits they offer.