About us

About Strata Security

Strata was founded in early 2018, combining the co-founders 25 years of information security expertise to support the growing need for information and cyber security products and services.

Seeing the increase in the number and impact of cyber-security incidents and the rise of cloud technologies, the founders identified a need for a new security solution, one focused on providing business-centric insight to support organisations in managing and improving their security.

Would you like some assistance picking the right solution for your business or organisation?

To deliver on our idea, Strata are developing their own products for the management of IT security and compliance and partnering with other vendors to develop a full security suite


This will provide new business with a simple route to becoming more secure and existing business additional intelligence based on their existing solutions to automate tasks and provide security teams back more time.

Our Team


Chris Burtenshaw


Chris is a security architect and consultant with over 15 years experience of security consultancy technology implementation.  Chris takes particular pride in defining and delivering well-integrated solutions that are closely aligned with an organisation’s goals, deliver optimum value.


Tony Evans


Tony is an enterprise and security architect with over 10 years experience in security and over 5 years experience is leading enterprise transformation programmes. Tony enjoys the challenge of blending technology, people and process change to deliver more efficient and effective services.