Perspective view of skyscrapper windows for governance software solutions and cyber security systems & risk and compliance solutions by Strata Security Solutions

Cyber Security Management – Exploiting The Data You Have (Part 1)

Over the past few years, for organisations proactively managing their cyber security risks, the security landscape has changed dramatically.  Adoption of cloud-based platforms and services means there are more environments and services that need to be secured, and the approach required for each environment or service varies significantly depending on what it is used for and the controls that it offers.

The good news is that with some of the changes outlined above, there are likely to be additional ways that you could improve and manage your security, by exploiting the data that you can make available within your environments and tools.

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Agile Waterfalls

How to successfully manage a software project is the subject of more book and blogs written by better people than I can name so I don’t expect anything I am about to say to be particularly original or insightful. I have worked on a large number of projects run as both Waterfall, Agile and everything in between so I am going to try for a succinct summary of my experiences and observations on the topic.

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Cloud =/= Agile?

Over the last 5 years I have done the majority of my work in the public sector and on reflection seen some interesting trends. One of these is just how often Cloud and Agile are mentioned side by side in the public sector, as if they are just a single thing. This to me doesn’t make sense.

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Hello, I’m an Architect and I am wrong

For that last 8+ years I have worked, at least around the edges, of what people think of as IT architecture and turned my hand to all of the different flavors of architecture. For most of this time I have been doing project based work, so joining and working with different teams, which means I have spent a lot of time trying to tell people what I do and how I can help. Generally, when I join a team I am not greeted with smiles and happiness and I think this is because architects have a bit of a bad reputation amongst the other typical tribes you find in IT.

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What is the cloud, really?

You have all seen the t-shirts “the cloud is just someone else’s Linux server” which, whilst true, misses the point. The cloud is not about technology, it is about commercial models and ways of thinking. Because in reality it always has been “someone else’s Linux server”. That someone else has just gone from being your IT department to Amazon, Google or Microsoft and you actually have a clearer understanding of the relationship now, it’s written into a contract.

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