Cloud Services

We over a range of advisory services to support customers

Almost every company uses cloud services

Almost every company now consumes some form of cloud services and the range and variety of cloud services is increasing year on year, we can help clients understand how these services can help them, how to select the right service for them, adopted it efficiently and secure it effectively. Our team has been working with leading cloud service such as G-Suite, AWS and Salesforce for over 6 years, as they have evolved from niche offers used by some, to backbone services consumed that are becoming de facto standards.

Cloud Selection

We can work with you to help develop both your overall cloud management strategy and purchasing controls alongside helping select the best set of cloud services to solve a specific problem.

Cloud adoption and roadmaps

We can support you in making changes to both your systems, servers and applications and your processes and skills, helping you plan a structured adoption strategy which starts leveraging the best of what the cloud can offer today.

Securing the cloud

We are specialists in helping organisations understands the opportunities presented by the cloud and specifically how easy it can be to leverage the advantages of the cloud to create an operating environment that is more secure in the cloud than it is on-premises.

We over a range of advisory services to support customers on every stage of adoption and usage of cloud based services, products and technology, helping to address people, process and technology challenges