Securing the cloud

Understanding the risks that you face and how to mitigate against them

What is the cloud doing?

Security in the cloud and the security of the cloud raise concerns for a number of different organisations. With on premises solutions, you knew and could control every aspect of the systems security, they were your servers in your buildings. With cloud services things are different, the security of the cloud service you consume is based on trust and commercial arrangements, you don’t know exactly what is being done.


Security within the cloud spans a much wider range of skills and draws on a number of different data sources, the hard network perimeter has been replaced with controls around authentication, trusted devices and user velocity. Moving towards “cattle” servers and software defined infrastructure means that even basic things like the management of logs and machine access can be done differently.

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Cloud vendor tools

Cloud vendors offer an array of tools and services to help you in securing your cloud infrastructure with a range of different tools to help configure and monitor your cloud deployment. These tools need to be integrated with your existing solutions to provide you a unified view of the security of both your on-premise and cloud services, which could span SaaS services, with limited configurability, through to IaaS services with a wide range of controls to your existing on-premises machines.

Specialists in cloud solutions

We are specialists in helping organisations understands the opportunities presented by the cloud and specifically how easy it can be to leverage the advantages of the cloud to create an operating environment that is more secure in the cloud than it is on-premises. This involves understanding the risks that you face across all sources and how they affect your services and how to mitigate, manage and monitor them.


Our team will help you configure and implement service specific security and integrate the monitoring of cloud services with your current monitoring solutions leveraging any additional vendors capabilities in this area.

We can work with you to review you risks assessment process and security management processes to reflect the split of responsibility between what the supplier of the service does and what you need to do to ensure all aspects of the service are appropriately secure