GDPR, DPA and Data Managements

We offer consultancy services to our clients in two complementary areas

Management of personal data has become increasingly important

With recent legislation changes, such as the introduction of the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) reinforcing many of the requirements in the previous Data Protection Act (DPA), management of personal data has become increasingly important part of business cyber security.


We can help you understand the implications of this legislation, what is and is not required to be compliant and how you can ensure your compliance with these acts.

By understanding your data, where it is stored, how it is controlled and how it is managed we can work with you to develop cost effective means of complying with the law and minimising any impact on your business

Our expert team can work with you to enhance and improve your business processes and data management controls, balancing manual process with automated to tools to deliver the outcomes you need in the most cost effective manner...


Without disrupting your business!