General Security

We offer consultancy services to our clients in two complementary areas

Cyber and information security is
now everybody’s problem

With a recent UK Government survey revealing that over 43% of firms in the UK reported breaches or attacks in the last 12 months, and three quarters of businesses identify cyber security as a priority for their senior management, cyber and information security is now everybody’s problem (Cyber security breaches survey 2018).

We specialise in helping clients understand how to securely move to cloud based services and manage these risks alongside the traditional risks of on-premises solutions and human factors.

Working from C-level down, we can assist at every level within your organisation to develop or enhance your cyber-security approach

Effective cyber security strategy

We can help you develop an effective cyber security strategy, combined with best practice policies and processes, which will help you understand, manage and control your risk of a security incident or data breach.


Our experts will help select and implement appropriate technical and process based controls (and appropriate supporting technologies) to help reduce and mitigate your cyber risks.