Strata Security Manager

Enables consistent security insight through views, reporting and dashboards

Solution overview

Many organisations have invested significantly in operational processes, services and toolsets to manage their cyber and information security risks.


For security and risk teams, obtaining a complete view of security posture and risk across a suite of tools and solutions presents a unique challenge, because common security tools are often siloed in their design.


Strata Security Manager addresses this challenge by intelligently combining asset and security-relevant data from your security tools and enables consistent security insight through views, reporting and dashboards. Additionally, metric calculation, risk scoring and workflow provide governance and compliance capabilities enabling consistent, streamlined communication with executives, senior stakeholders, compliance and audit teams.


Maximise value from your existing security technology and processes investments, demonstrate governance of your cyber security function and understand the status of your controls, eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual security reporting - freeing up resources for other activities, create actionable insight from complex data sheets at considerably lower cost than alternative approaches, tailored content aligned with the requirement s of security and risk teams. Cyber security systems from Strata Security Solutions

Strata Security Manager is the best all-in-one solution to monitor your online business security